Cloud Computing Solutions

Virtualization and Cloud Services

‘Virtualization’ and ‘cloud computing’ are two of the big buzzwords in the IT world right now. Our consultants have years of experience in migrating clients to Virtual environments using VMware, Citrix Netscaler Virtual Appliance technology. A few of our consultants have over three years’ experience in migrating our customers to the cloud leveraging Amazon’s E2C platform.

The cloud computing solutions that Futurewave Systems offers allow you to manage your data stores easily and reduce costs dramatically. We are always searching for good partners in this area and are proud to be associated with Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s E2C service makes cloud computing easier for developers with its resizable compute capacity.

Here are the benefits of Amazon Web Service:

  • Allows you to configure capacity with minimal friction
  • Gives you complete control over computing resources
  • Reduces the time it takes to boot new servers
  • Allows rapid scaling both ways depending on your needs
  • Provides all tools developers need to create failure resilient applications
  • Finally, Amazon Web Service is highly economical. It lets you pay only for the cloud capacity that you use.
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