Innovative Staffing Solutions

Finding the needle in the haystack

Futurewave is an industry leader in staffing and consulting services who offers a 15% Permanent Placement Fee in an industry that typically charges a 20-30% rate. Our contractor rates are 15-20% less than our competitors, due to our controlled operating expenses and immediate access to over 200,000 skilled IT workers in our organically grown database.

The majority of the IT staffing firms worldwide give a 90 day placement guarantee which makes staffing a risky venture. Futurewave offers a 1 Full Year Placement Guarantee on our permanent placements to minimize the risks and increase customer satisfaction.


All of our candidates are highly specialized and respected industry experts with years of vertical industry experience. We will only recommend a candidate for placement who demonstrates a deep working knowledge and synergistic understanding. If the candidate is not a fit, we will continue to use our expertise to find only the most qualified candidate. We will never try to fit a round peg into a square hole.

We offer contract and permanent staff with a complete range of education, expertise and skill sets in the Technology, Networking, Telecommunications, Chemical & Renewable Energy Sectors.


  • Video Interviews – Online Skills Test on a global platform – Mobile App – On boarding dashboard to view realtime recruitment cycle – Social media dominance to update millions of passive candidates and attract them to future opportunities
  • Customized pricing models that blows away competitor rates by 15-20% – Perm Placement fees of 15% vs industry standard of 20-30%
  • 1 year Guarantee on all permanent placements
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